Need a companion on your wellness journey?

The Pursuit of Wellness is a podcast that features experts and professionals from the Fitness, Nutrition and Health space.

By chatting with them we discuss the dimensions of wellness that can help everyone achieve the holistic health they set their mind to.


Episode List

“Getting to the top” - Boulderbox


Cousin duo Vrinda and Yadu Bhageria are giving up their previous pursuits to open a new bouldering studio in New Delhi. We chat with the two about their passion for the activity, how it helps you stay fit and what you..

“There's more to boxing than beating people up" - Rahul Kaul


Rahul Kaul is the founder at BoxFit, a group workout studio with a focus on boxing. We chat about how he got into boxing and how he built a successful and engaging brand in 2 years

"The fortune to have misfortune early in life" - Vesna Jacob


Holistic fitness Guru Vesna Peričević Jacob, who was once given the moniker, "The Princess of Pilates", is one of the most forward thinking minds in fitness - wellness and healing in India…

"Test yourself before you wreck yourself" - Jaivir Hans


Jaivir Hans is a certified International Advanced Fitness Instructor who worked as a full-time Personal Trainer with LA Fitness in London, training people from across the globe.

"You have to choose right!" - Sahil Marwaha


Sahil Marwaha is a co-founder at a Delhi based communications company called Beam and Words and is a massive fitness enthusiast. We chat with him about his transformations and all the things…

"Sports can contribute to overall fitness" - Gaurav Nandrajog


Gaurav is a squash player and coach that has played at the highest level. He is very actively working to change the mindset of parents, government officials and academies to bring a…

"The Business and Future of Gyms in India" with Prateek Sood


Prateek is the CEO of GrandSlam Fitness, a company with a wide range of equipment for commercial and home gyms and the co-founder of Follow-Your-Sport, a platform that brings you the latest news and analysis of..

“Fire in your Belly” - Namrata Joshipura


Namrata is a fashion designer and also an avid runner. She runs marathons despite her busy schedule. We chat about how she got into running how she balances it with family and work, and how the fitness and fashion worlds connect.

“Losing Weight is Not Rocket Science” - Tahira Kochhar


Tahira is a Delhi based ex-model and nutritionist. She uses her experience in the glamor world to help her clients lead healthier lives. Her focus remains on staying clear of fad diets and using the in-season healthy…

"Getting to 10,000 skips" - Zoe Modgill


Zoe Modgill is a cofounder and instructor at Studio 60, a Delhi based fitness studio which has a dedicated fan following for its group classes and fun vibe. She's a certified trainer and nutritionist..

“It's all about the community!” - Jatin Arora


Jatin is the founder of Bootcamp Yellow; which is an outdoor workout experience that redefines fitness through structured training and sustainable nutrition…

“Did you Move?” - Nidhi Mohan Kamal


There's not much in the wellness space that Nidhi doesn't do. As the Director of NidSun Wellness, she helps her clients with non-surgical body shaping, online workout and diet plans…

“Take it Slow” - Nakul Butta


Nakul is the founder and Principal Motivator at All In Running, an engagement platform for runners and adventure sports enthusiasts. Through this platform he coaches and motivates amateur and..

“Set an example” - Gautam Malhotra


Gautam Malhotra is a Fitness and Nutrition expert and entrepreneur. He has extensive experience in training and managing health clubs, and after completing his MBA from ISB..

“Be S.M.A.R.T on your journey” - Arun Chahal

movement training

Arun Chahal is a fitness entrepreneur, movement training specialist and TRX Senior Instructor. Besides those, he's also a co-founder at Chefingo, a healthy food company based..