The Sixth Sense

The best movie twist of all time? Or, another disappointment from the "Night" train? We feud, you decide! 

On this week's episode, the guys battle it out over 1999 runaway hit The Sixth Sense. The feud starts with the supposed genius of India's very own M. Night Shyamalan. Vidur agrees that he might have peeked too soon, while Vikram thinks he hasn't peeked at all. Vikram brings up fallacies in the script, with Vidur complementing how this movie is a great rewatch. The feud comes to a head when Vikram can't get over the obsession with Haley Joel Osment - or "Loanshark" as Vikram refers to him as. 

Parting joke - What do the Sixth Sense and Titanic have in common? I "sea" dead people. (Lol?)

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